can birds eat cheez its

As birders, we always try to offer a diverse array of natural and supplemental foods to birds. Depending on where you live, the climate in your region, and the birds that visit your feeders, you could offer any number of popular or unusual treats, and the birds will enjoy them. My feeders can have some interesting diversity on occasion, but none more fascinating than the weird things that have happened with cheese puffs.

Are Crackers Safe for Birds?

Surely, birds will enjoy crackers. However, in the long run, their disadvantages can be deadly.

can birds eat cheez its

Crackers are human food, just like cheese. Mass-produced crackers are to add something to a human’s diet.

Conversely, they don’t deprive a bird of any nutrient that is good for its health.

The ingredients in Cheez-Its cause a number of illnesses that eventually become fatal.

Not to mention that these salty, cheesy crackers are loaded with flavor.

Can Birds Eat Cheese?

If, like me, you’re concerned about the health of birds, then no That is only in the case of regular dairy cheese.

Birds are highly intolerant to lactose. Adding lactose to their diet could therefore expose them to a wide range of illnesses.

They are susceptible to these illnesses if they consume any kind or quantity of cheese (apart from vegan options). Vegan cheeses are non-dairy; therefore, they are safe for consumption.

What the Birds Have – And Haven’t – Eaten

Birds are accustomed to strange foods, and curious birds—corvids in particular—are eager to try new foods. Once, when I fed puffy cheese curls to the western scrub-jays (which were split in 2016 to become Woodhouse’s scrub-jays), the younger birds in my family flock weren’t sure how to react to the orange cheesiness. Naturally, the jays proceeded to carefully weigh each bit, choose the ideal morsel, and then bury it in the yard with great care and consideration, just as they had done with other relatively oblong treats from my feeders.

It wasn’t a peanut, but oh well.

More recently, the common grackles have more-or-less taken to the crunchy cheese curls in my Florida yard. Additionally, they will weigh and sort the few puffs in the dish before carefully breaking their selection into bite-sized pieces and either munching or dipping the puff into the bird bath first. It doesn’t take long for a tiny handful of cheese curls to vanish from my feeders due to the large flock of grackles that frequent them; after all, they proudly carry their bounty throughout the yard.

can birds eat cheez its

It’s important to emphasize that I only give these strange foods to birds as extremely infrequent treats—I’ve only given them cheese puffs once in the last three years. No animal, whether it be a bird, cat, dog, dolphin, bear, or human, should regularly consume junk food as part of a balanced diet. However, consuming an uncommon and pleasant treat won’t hurt you too much. Birds will be able to consume the food if it is edible to you. Although it isn’t any healthier or more nutritious for the birds than it is for you, you can still eat it without experiencing serious, long-term issues.

But when the leftovers, treats, and other less nutritious foods aren’t closely inspected, there is a problem. The birds could be fed junk food every day of the year if, for instance, 100 different people offered the birds something extremely unhealthy just once every 100 days (less than four times per year). If you were to feed scraps to the birds in a large local park, you might only do so once every few months, but what about other visitors?

can birds eat cheez its

I do not support or endorse giving unhealthy food to birds at any time in unidentified public areas. In addition to the fact that it is impossible to estimate the amount of unhealthy food the birds may be given and, thus, the nutritional value of their diet as a whole, many municipalities have laws prohibiting feeding birds in parks and other public areas. Additionally, even if the practice is permitted, it sets a bad example for those who might see the feeding and fail to understand that these foods should only be extremely uncommon treats for birds rather than everyday mainstays in their diets.


Can birds eat Cheez it crackers?

NO NO NO .. way too much sodium in it…. try veggies, no salt crackers, even cheerios.

Can my bird eat cheese?

Birds love mild, grated cheddar or other hard cheese, but soft cheeses such as brie and blue cheese are not suitable. Many raw vegetables are indigestible to birds, but peas and sweetcorn are fine, and so is leftover mashed potato!

Is yogurt OK for birds?

While there are some birds that like to have milk or cheese or yogurt in their diet, many of those things do have lactose in them. Do not feed too much dairy product to a pet bird or parrot, because they can’t really digest it properly, which can lead to diarrhea.

Can my sun conure eat Cheetos?

Absolutely Not!!!! Cheetos are filled with salt and other ingredients that will give your parrot an adverse reaction. A much better choice is Cheerios, whole wheat bread, hard boiled eggs, carrots, fresh cranberries, papaya, pomegranate (all are favorites of my parrots) and are definitely healthier than Cheetos.