can birds eat brazil nuts

How to feed nuts to birds

While some larger birds, like blue jays, can easily crack open nut shells, other birds might find it more difficult. While whole nuts are undoubtedly a healthy choice for avian companions, offering shelled nuts in addition to broken-up nuts will give a wider variety of birds better access. Even though these treats can serve as a fantastic source of food for birds, it’s a good idea to keep providing regular bird seed and nuts so that your guests have a balanced diet. Additionally, limiting the quantity of nuts given at a time will help keep the food from going bad.

These crispy treats fit nicely in platform and tray feeders, but there are also specialized feeders for nuts, such as this hanging cage from Amazon that holds whole peanuts. As long as the opening is big enough, wire mesh and tube feeders are also excellent options.

Nuts for Parrots / Macaws

The best of our large taste nuts are included in Argires Snack Nuts for Parrots and Macaws. Our group is aware of how important it is for macaws and parrots to nibble on nuts. Many birds, especially larger species, naturally eat nuts as part of their diet when they are in the wild. When it comes to promoting the natural behavior of birds like macaws and parrots, nuts are essential. Nuts are much more than just bulk parrot food, despite the common misconception that they are.

Nuts as Macaw Food

The nutritional value of macaw food is crucial for maintaining the health of your parrot. This applies to all birds and parrots. Nut oils play a major role in maintaining the health of your bird’s feathers and plumage. Furthermore, it is essential for their digestive and skin systems.

All parrots and birds consider opening larger nuts a challenge. When macaws and parrots are fed nuts, it encourages their natural behavior to search for and open nuts. Your feathered friend will enjoy finding them if you scatter some around the cage or enclosure.


What nuts are safe for birds?

Peanuts, walnuts, pecans, almonds and other nuts are natural, nutritious, energy foods for many birds, especially woodpeckers, jays, chickadees, and nuthatches. Nuts are more expensive than sunflower seeds. But after you discover how much birds love nuts, there’s no turning back!

Can animals eat Brazil nuts?

Red-rumped agoutis eat Brazil nuts. When food is abundant, agoutis will bury these nuts to dig up later when food becomes scarce. With this behavior, they are critically important to the dispersal of Brazil nut seeds. In addition to Brazil nuts, agoutis will consume other seeds, fruits, roots and leaves.

Can my parrot eat Brazil nuts?

Walnuts and Brazilian nuts are safe but almonds should not be used. Some species, like macaws, are adapted to process better these fatty and oily foods. Calcium supplements – should be offered on a daily, specially to African grey parrots.

Is it OK to feed squirrels Brazil nuts?

Hazelnuts, filberts, pine nuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, coconut and fruit will provide a varied and healthier diet. NEVER feed brazil nuts or fatballs! NEVER feed stale or poor quality food as red squirrels do suffer from digestive problems just the same as us!