can a bird kill a human

6 “See You Again” by Charlie Puth Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Official Video] Furious 7 Soundtrack

When Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa collaborated on the song “See You Again” almost ten years ago, it became an unforgettable hit. Additionally, despite the song’s simplicity, it is incredibly moving and significant to both the artists and the fans who found it moving. You’ll be shocked to hear that a song with such depth was only composed in ten minutes, and if you don’t think that, Charlie has the technological time stamps to back it up!

The singer, who is from New Jersey, stated in a 2015 interview with MTV News that he composed the entire song in a matter of minutes using the Notes app on his phone after receiving the idea for it by chance one day. Ironically, given that Charlie famously sings “It’s been a long day” as part of the song’s opening line, he finished right away and had a mega-hit on his hands! Because of his songwriting process, it wasn’t a long day at all!

“I wrote the song on July 17 at 6 pm,” Puth told MTV. “I know that because I have it saved in my phone, the lyric note. … I want to frame that. I wrote it in 10 minutes, which is very unusual. Usually, songs take a little bit longer to write for me.”[5]

7 “Hometown Glory” by Adele Adele – Hometown Glory (Official Music Video)

Adele wrote “Hometown Glory” when she was just 16 years old. The song would eventually propel her into superstardom and become her debut hit. She got into a heated argument with her mother about what she wanted to do with the rest of her life, and she wrote the entire thing in less than ten minutes. Adele’s mother was concerned about her adolescent daughter’s path in life at the time.

Rather than attempting to make her way in the difficult world of music industry, she wished her dear daughter to attend college. But Adele was too stubborn to listen. The teenage singer stormed off to her bedroom, locked herself away, and wrote “Hometown Glory” in less than ten minutes, all during a blow-up about their conflicting interests.

“It’s called ‘Hometown Glory,’ and it was all about how I felt about London and stuff like that,” Adele recalled years later (and long after she became world famous) during a 2015 BBC show. “I actually wrote it on guitar, and I was at school at the time. I actually find this song really emotional now. So much has happened since I wrote it, and it’s been like 11 years since I wrote it. So my whole career has happened, and it’s one of my favorites still, to this day.”[4]

4 “What’d I Say” by Ray CharlesWhat’d I Say

Ray Charles once said to himself, “Why write a song in five or ten minutes when you can write a masterpiece in no time at all?” after finding himself in a bit of a pickle during a performance and needing to quickly change course.

See, one evening in December 1958, the renowned musician was performing at a club in Brownsville, Pennsylvania. The only issue was that he had a very, very long list of shows scheduled. Twelve minutes more, in fact, than the pre-planned music he was supposed to play. And he started to get a little anxious when he finished all of the songs he knew and realized he still had twelve minutes to go.

But then, something came to him. He recalled his early years and how, on Sundays, the church preacher would always point out things that the congregation would then repeat back to him. Drawing on that, Charles moved to improvise a bit. He returned to his band and instructed them to take his lead. Subsequently, he turned to face his backup vocalists, The Raeletts, and requested them to merely mimic his words in time. And that’s how “What’d I Say” was born!.

“I had sung everything I could think of,” Charles remembered years later. “So I said to the guys, ‘Look, I’m going to start this thing off, I don’t know where I’m going, so y’all just follow me.’ And I said to the girls, ‘Whatever I say, just repeat after me.’” And it worked! Of course, improvisation on stage at a show isn’t exactly a new thing. But the fact that Charles crafted such a tight and memorable song in literal seconds—and then moved to make it an actual single on a record later after liking it so much—undoubtedly proves his considerable musical genius.[7]


What birds attack humans?

Northern mockingbirds and several species of raptors including red-tailed hawks, red-shouldered hawks, Cooper’s Hawks, Swainson’s Hawks, Northern goshawks, broad-winged hawks, and peregrine falcons may display this aggression towards humans during the nesting season, approximately January-August.

Can birds of prey kill humans?

A series of incidents in which a martial eagle attacked and killed one human child as well as injuring two others was recorded in Ethiopia in 2019. Some fossil evidence indicates large birds of prey occasionally preyed on prehistoric hominids.

Can a bird pick up a human?

Ostriches have been known to be ridden since 1890, for racing. But there is a limit to how much weight an these birds can carry. As long as the person weighs 220 pounds or less, a fully grown ostrich should be able to support them. Originally Answered: What bird can pick up a human?

What is the most dangerous bird?

Cassowaries have been called “the world’s most dangerous bird,” but the last recorded cassowary-related death in Australia occurred almost 100 years ago. Non-fatal attacks, while more common, are still infrequent and may happen when people try to feed the birds.