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Big Bird is frequently haughty and arrogant, especially around Kermit and Elmo. Usually when Kermit is around, especially during Kermit’s Kitchen, he tries to outdo him. At one point, he even attempts to take over Kermit’s show.

He disclosed that he believes Kermit and Elmo are pu$$ies and frequently steals lunch money from them.

He once said something that Kermit thought sounded gay. Big Bird said, “Hell no,” in response to Kermit’s question, “Arent you gonna say no homo?” “.


Sean supposedly created his YouTube account on March 11, 2009. On November 6, 2013, he uploaded his debut video, “MUPPETS MOST WANTED!!!!,” featuring Elmo and Fozzie Bear.

Ever since the initial upload, the majority of his videos featured him playing Call of Duty while mimicking Kermit’s voice. He also uploaded a lot of voice-trolling videos, impersonating Mr. T, Jigsaw, Kermit the Frog, Herbert the Pervert, and Towelie. Mackey. Occasionally, he would showcase the vocal abilities of YouTubers like TheDAITrickster and Best In Class.

Sean relocated to Orlando in 2016 to live in their fictitious “Troll House” with Best In Class (Michael), Just Bee (Brian), and CptVideoGames (Alex).

In 2017, Sean began sharing more vlogs and live-action skits, with a focus on Kermit the Frog.

Steven, a friend of Sean’s, moved into the Troll House in March 2019. Steven then started doing the voices of Elmo, Cookie Monster, and occasionally Kermit.

A few days later, Gunther, a rottweiler-pitbull puppy, would be adopted by Sean and Alex.

Sean later did a collab with fellow YouTuber and friend Azerrz, who is also known for online voice trolling. The video featured Kermit pitching movie ideas to Ted.

Sean made Towelie known as an official Are U Super Cereal character in April. But he also rants about the apocalyptic nature of YouTube demonetizing videos that aren’t deemed “advertiser-friendly” in this video.

May 19 debuted the first episode of Kermits Kitchen.

Following the 2500 likes on the first episode of Kermits Kitchen, Sean, Steven, and Michael unveiled Cookie Monster, a brand-new character.

Sean traveled to Cleveland, Ohio, for his sister’s graduation, as seen in the video below.

A few weeks later, Kermit’s Kitchen episode two was broadcast. In contrast to Elmo in the first episode, Cookie Monster was the co-hoe.

Sean discloses that he, Steven, and Michael are relocating to Colorado in “Kermit the Frog and Elmos Backyard Challenge!”

The following video, Timrek (Kermit the Frogs Brother) is revealed.

Later on, Sean discloses that they will not be taking Gunther with them for a variety of reasons, one of which being that Gunther was not their dog by legal standards (having been formally adopted by Alex), and Sean felt unprepared to assume all the responsibilities that come with owning a dog. In addition, even though Gunther was essentially innocuous, he didn’t think their new home was suitable for an aggressive dog breed.

Sean and his friends filmed their road trip, complete with a few skits at a hotel in Tennessee and a rest area, while traveling to Colorado.

Later, Sean and his pals produced a video to showcase their new Colorado home. Additionally, this is one of the few videos in which Grayden, Sean’s friend, appears.

In one video, Michael, Sean, and Steven visit a petting zoo with their puppets. This video also revealed Big Bird for the first time.

Sean, Steven, and Michael set up a blue screen room in their basement on July 27, Steven’s birthday.

Are U Super Cereal released a parody of Batman called “Fatman Begins (Batman Parody),” as the title would imply. The protagonist of the video, a. k. a. “Fatman”, is portrayed by Steven.

Are U Super Cereal published a video on August 29 in which Michael, Kermit, and Elmo investigated the rumored to be haunted ghost town of Cripple Creek. Fans have been pleading for another episode of “Ghost Seekers” ever since the video was released, but Cereal has not been able to fulfill their requests thus far.

Sean, Steven, and Michael purchased infant attire for Kermit the Frog in September. Later, the three go to the airport to pick up Grayden, who will be spending a few days with them.

For Sean’s birthday, the four go to Dave and Busters, where they allegedly win the lottery.

Elmo is actually put in the freezer and left there for at least three weeks in “Kermit the Frog and Elmo play Hide and Seek!”

Later, Sean makes available a video in which Kermit tries to break into their home. At the conclusion of the show, Sean unintentionally breaks off Kermit’s eye.

In the video that follows, the three visit South Park, an antique town, and even utilize Towelie in a couple of their skits.

The next video is the 3rd installment in Kermits Kitchen. Because of the previous incident, Kermit is seen wearing an eye patch this time. Big Bird appears in this episode as well, and the two compete in a cook-off. Big Bird prevails in the opening round, Kermit wins in the second, and Kermit kills Big Bird in the third. At the conclusion of the video, Frozen Elmo is also taken out of the freezer.

Sean and Steven pick up their new dog, Jasper, at Steven’s parents’ house. Later, they went to pick up Michael and gave him the dog as a surprise.

In the end, Sean glues Kermit’s eye back on, but this time, it faces inward instead of forward.

In the fourth episode of Kermits Kitchen, Kermit and Cookie Monster prepare a mini Christmas special, but later on, Towelie gives them drugs.

In the following video, Seans family comes to visit. Michael is not in the video because he is visiting family in Chicago.

Sean and Grayden travel to Jamaica in January 2018. Sean also brings his Timrek puppet for a skit.

In March, Seans friend Tyler a. k. a TyTyTheJedi fixes Kermits eye. From this point onward his eye is normal.

Sean declared on his Twitter page in May that they intended to relocate to a different state. He declared around July 11 that the three were at last prepared to move forward and that a video would be released shortly.

Sean and Steven moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in August. Sadly, Michael went his separate ways. But Gay Sway and Grayden were introduced by Sean and Steven as roommates.

Jigsaw was unveiled as the primary antagonist by Cereal in his return video, which was published on August 27.

Sean announced on March 14, 2019, that Michael was at last working with him and Steven once more.

Sean debuted Oscar the Grouch, a new character, on November 12, 2020.

Steven would depart the group on March 3, 2022, in order to focus on his solo YouTube career.

Sean debuted a new character, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, Animal, on December 14, 2022.


According to their SocialBlade, Are U Super Cereal is registered in the YouTube Partner Program, therefore allowing advertisers to pay them for showing ads. Their current monthly income is estimated at about $1.8K – $28.1K, meaning that they earn an average of $21K – $336.8K a year.


What happened to Gunther in Are You Super Cereal?

At the end of Kermit the Frog and Elmo’s Backyard Challenge!, Sean revealed that they won’t be bringing Gunther with them when they move to Colorado for a number of reasons, one of which being that Gunther was not legally their dog (having been officially adopted by Sean’s friend Alex a.k.a CptVideoGames), and Sean …

Who is the new voice of Big Bird?

Big Bird
First appearance
Episode 0001 (November 10, 1969)
Created by
Jim Henson Kermit Love (builder)
Performed by
Caroll Spinney (1969–2015) Daniel Seagren (stand-in, 1969; 1970) Matt Vogel (1996–present)
March 20

What happened to Are You Super Cereal and Best in Class?

Michael, a.k.a. Best In Class, is a YouTuber and friend of Sean, as well as a former member of Are U Super Cereal. In late 2021, he departed from the group to pursue a solo career due to presumed creative differences.

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