are there birds in minecraft

Minecraft’s jungles are one of the few places in the game where you’re actually safer than you probably think you are. The dense foliage can cause players to get a little paranoid – worried that a zombie is creeping up on them.

But even if you do hear the tell-tale moan of the undead, there’s always the possibility that it’s not an actual zombie approaching – but instead a mere imitation from our mob of the month: the parrot.

Parrots started showing up in the jungles over the Overworld following the World of Color update in June 2017 – probably because they’re so colorful. In fact there are five different colors of parrot that can be found: red, green, blue, gray and cyan.

Parrots mostly just flap around the area where they spawn. They’re inquisitive and like to crowd around other mobs – players or otherwise – where you’ll often hear them mimicking the sounds of nearby creatures. They can be tamed by feeding them seeds, but unlike most passive mobs they can’t be bred.

Tamed parrots will follow the player who tames them, unless they’re told to sit with the use button. Moving through a parrot sat on the ground will put the parrot on your shoulder, for that pirate-y look. And two shoulders means you can carry up to two parrots at the same time.

Parrots also love music. If they’re near a jukebox with a music disc inside it, they’ll happily dance. In fact, often they get so carried away that they keep dancing even after the music stops.

Outside of Minecraft, parrots are a group of more than 400 bird species that mostly live in tropical parts of the world. What all those species have in common are clawed feet, an upright stance, and a strong, curved beak. That beak is used to feed on seeds, nuts, fruit and other plant material, though a few parrot species are carnivorous.

Parrots are one of the most intelligent bird families, and are known for the ability of some species to imitate human speech. This, combined with their beautiful colouration, make them popular as pets. Unfortunately, this means that wild populations are dropping – about half of all the 100 million parrots alive are thought to live in people’s homes.

However, the parrots are fighting back. Some urban areas are home to flocks of feral parrots which have escaped from captivity and bred with other escapees. San Francisco, London, Miami, Giza, and Istanbul are all known for their flocks of escaped parrots.

We’ll never know whether Minecraft’s parrot populations are wild, or have escaped from captivity at some point in the past. What we do know is that they’re here now, and they love to dance. So grab some seeds, a jukebox, and your favorite music disc – and let’s boogie.


Keep in mind that these are the authentic mob sounds, not the amplified ones that you hear in-game from parrots. If the difficulty is not peaceful, parrots may choose at random to produce a sound from this list when producing their ambient sound.

  • ↑ a b The sound event in Bedrock Edition is incorrectly assigned, which prevents this sound from triggering.
  • — Parrots cannot imitate guardians
  • ↑ The reason this sound doesn’t play as frequently as it should is because there are no pant or nose breath sounds.
  • With the exception of idle5’s second copy, which is 1 26 .


Passive birds, parrots flap their wings to swim in the water. When a parrot is struck, it typically flies upward; by flapping its wings, parrots prevent fall damage. Under normal circumstances, parrots can soar; however, they have the tendency to tire[1] and land soon after. Parrots congregate and cluster around other local mobs, both friendly and antagonistic mobs.

It is possible to tame parrots by giving them seeds of wheat, melon, pumpkin, beetroot, or torchflower, with a 1/10 chance of success. Interacting with a tamed parrot causes it to sit and stand up.

A domesticated parrot follows the player until instructed to sit, at which point it teleports 12 blocks away from the player. A death message is displayed to its owner upon death. The parrot teleportation is completely silent. [2] In the Java Edition, trying to feed a parrot a cookie causes it to die instantly and release poison particles as it does so. When a parrot is fed a cookie in Bedrock Edition, it is given deadly poison instead. This alludes to the reality that chocolate poisons parrots.

By passing through the tamed parrot, a player can get it to perch on their shoulder. A tamed parrot can fly to the player’s shoulder on its own, if it hasn’t been instructed to sit. A player can have one parrot on each shoulder. When a player’s left shoulder is empty, parrots always favor it first.

A parrot dismounts its player when the player:

  • lands on a surface that is not sufficiently elevated (1/2 block or more).
  • drops more than three-quarters of a block from a ledge.
  • takes damage
  • submerges the players feet into the water of any height
  • starts drowning
  • sleeps on a bed
  • immerses the player’s head in lava; even if the player possesses Fire Resistance, the parrot burns and dismounts.

The parrots perched on a shoulder consistently gaze in the same direction as the player’s head.

When a parrot is mounted on a shoulder, it cannot withstand damage and may become injured as soon as it dismounts, such as when a player immersed in lava is dismounted.

In the inventory interface, there’s a parrot perched on a shoulder.

A parrot perched on a shoulder in Bedrock Edition keeps the player from passing through a nether portal. [3].


  • The real-life scarlet macaw is the model for red parrots, “with a little Minecraft twist.” In a similar vein, hyacinth macaws serve as the model for blue parrots, blue-and-yellow macaws for cyan parrots, military macaws or possibly other green parrots for green parrots, and cockatiels for gray parrots.
  • Two distinct splash texts include references to warnings against giving chocolate or avocados to parrots.
  • When chatting on Discord, the Minecraft team uses a variety of party parrot emojis. [15].
  • Even though neither parrots nor bats can reproduce, the advancement attained for breeding two animals is known as “The Parrots and the Bats.”
  • The animation of the parrots dancing is derived from the party parrot emojis, which are derived from the kākāpō.


Can you get birds in Minecraft?

Parrots are a rare passive mob in Minecraft, typically found flying in jungle Biomes guide. Parrots make for the perfect companion to bring along on any adventure you go on.

What is the rarest bird in Minecraft?

Parrots are among the rarest mobs in Minecraft, spawning only inside jungle biomes. They are harmless, passive mobs that fly around for a short while if attacked. They in Minecraft can be found in either cyan, green, blue, red, or gray color.

How do you adopt a bird in Minecraft?

To tame a Parrot, you need to give it any kind of Seeds. Whatever you do, do not feed it a Cookie, as that is poisonous and will kill your wanted companion. After your Parrot has gotten enough Seeds to make hearts appear from it, you can tell that bird to sit or follow you as you travel.