are sauropods related to birds

It is my understanding that birds are specifically relatives of theropods and not just “dinosaurs”. Are there any living relatives to sauropods or species like stegasaurus or triceratops?

To the best of my knowledge, birds are not simply “dinosaurs” but rather specific relatives of theropods. Exist any extant relatives of triceratops or stegasaurus species, or other sauropods?

According to Prasad, the recent discovery demonstrated the potential for dinosaur fossils in central and western India, which could provide crucial insights into the diversity of dinosaur eggs, their nesting habits, and reproductive biology. Another co-author of the paper, Vishal Verma of Bakaner Higher Secondary School in Dhar, stated, “The Bagh-Kukshi area holds the key to many such wonderful fossil finds.” “But it needs further systematic scientific exploration. ”.

The anomaly found in the egg fossil was determined to have no other cause, according to the researchers. They ruled out the theory that the hatching eggshells from titanosaurid nests at the Auca Mahuevo site in Argentina might have accidentally covered nearby eggs. Nonetheless, in this instance, the two layers of the eggshell are not in close proximity to one another. “They maintain a fairly circular outline of the eggs and are separated from each other by a significant gap, which is not expected if it was caused by accidental and random fall of hatched eggshells,” the paper stated.

Subsequent investigation revealed that the aberrant egg had two continuous, circular layers of eggshell, typical of birds, spaced widely apart. Additionally, Prasad noted that the 10 eggs’ wide distribution supports the theory that the titanosaurid dinosaurs laid their eggs in a sequential manner, similar to what is seen in birds.

The researchers explained the anomaly by speculating that it might be an animal’s reaction to stress brought on by illness, competition for food and space, a shortage of food, floods and droughts, high population density, environmental stress, and a lack of appropriate nesting substrates. “We believe that it was a unique issue and can be attributed to an elderly or incapacitated individual following injury or illness, or one that underwent significant stress due to a jump scare caused by a nearby predator, as there is only one documented case of pathological eggs from the current study area.” ”.

Around 67 million years ago, the titanosaurid sauropods, with their massive tails waving around them and thumping their limbs like pillars, ruled the Indian subcontinent. It is commonly known that birds actually descended from dinosaurs, and that crocodiles, dinosaurs, and birds are all close cousins that belong to the same subclass of animals called archosaurs. Even so, it is hard to believe that the massive titanosaurid sauropods were more biologically similar to modern birds than reptiles. But a unique fossil of a “abnormal” dinosaur egg found in a Madhya Pradesh village in the Dhar district may help change people’s minds and provide new opportunities for dinosaur research.


What is the closest relative to the sauropods?

The closest living relatives to Sauropods are birds, followed by crocodilians. Both of these are fairly distant relations, like a kangaroo with a whale, but they are the closest.

What dinosaur is closest related to birds?

Coelurosaurian dinosaurs are thought to be the closest relatives of birds, in fact, birds are considered to be coelurosaurs. This is based on Gauthier’s and others’ cladistic analyses of the skeletal morphology of these animals.

What are sauropods related to?

Sauropods are a subgroup of the saurischian, or “lizard-hipped,” dinosaurs. This group of quadrupedal (four-legged), herbivorous animals had a relatively simple body plan which varied only slightly throughout the group.

Are Brachiosaurus related to birds?

Today virtually all scientists support that fact that birds originated from within dinosaurs. The bird-dinosaur link is so widely accepted that dinosaurs of the popular imagination – Tyrannosaurus rex, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, etc., – are referred to as ‘non-avian dinosaurs (e.g., dinosaurs that are not birds).