are pigeons aggressive to other birds

On one level, theyre something that people genuinely do enjoy seeing in town and city centers as they represent quite a sweet, non-threatening animal.

The problem is that pigeons can bully birds, meaning that bulkier pigeons in your garden could prevent other birds from visiting you.

So, many people come to the same problem – how to scare away pigeons, but not other birds?

Thankfully, since so many people have this problem, there is quite a lot that you can do to deter pigeons.

In this article, were going to break down everything that you might need to know about this species and explain the best way to discourage pigeons from your garden.

The downside of rushing things

The issue with moving too quickly with pigeon removal is that you run the risk of frightening other birds as well. This is because birds have a propensity for similar, basic thought processes.

If you approach the task methodically, you can identify the most effective ways to discourage pigeons without endangering other birds.

To ensure success, monitor the quantity of other birds in your garden. If you notice a significant decline in the number of smaller birds visiting your garden, you can easily reverse a few of the steps you’ve taken.

are pigeons aggressive to other birds

How to approach pigeon proofing

The best way to tackle pigeon repelling is to think of it as a marathon rather than a sprint; the first step toward having no pigeon droppings in your garden is to take it.

Take note of the areas of your home where the pigeons typically spend the most time if you’re in a rush to keep them out of your garden.

Go to the section of the article on the repellent gel if, for example, the bothersome birds congregate near your windowsills. Although we can’t promise you’ll be able to keep pigeons at bay permanently, there is a way to get rid of them, at least temporarily.

Placement of the deterrent

Little birds don’t often travel great distances while flying over towns and cities.

Rather, they usually favor quick hops between shrubs and trees so they can locate a new food supply or nest.

Conversely, pigeons occasionally engage in extensive aerial flying at higher altitudes.

Therefore, we would advise hanging your reflective item quite high up, maybe on some guttering or outside a window.

Little birds won’t encounter an obstacle if the deterrent is placed in their path; however, pigeons hovering above them will.

are pigeons aggressive to other birds


Do pigeons hurt other birds?

Pigeons are much bigger than many of our garden birds, And while they don’t tend to attack other birds, they are intimidating. Smaller birds often won’t come to your feeders with pigeons around. They bring their friends.

Do pigeons get along with other birds?

Yes, a pigeon can be safely housed in an aviary with cockatiels in a non-breeding situation.

Do pigeons bully other birds?

They don’t share, and uninterrupted, a flock of bullies can clean out a seed feeder in a few hours or devour a suet cake in a single day. Among the most common bully birds you’ll find at feeders are: American crows. rock pigeons.

Do pigeons fight with other birds?

Apparently older birds tend not to fight with each other although they do fight frequently with younger birds. Coaxing or strutting is one of the most frequent behavior patterns for male pigeons in a home loft.