are chips bad for birds

can birds eat bread
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When you see small, sweet creatures hopping along, it seems so harmless to draw them in with whatever snacks you have available. Though the urge is fierce to feed birds bread and other convenience foods, try to resist. Dishes people consume, like bread, are generally bad for birds in the same way that junk food is bad for our systems. “Malnutrition is certainly a risk if birds aren’t getting the food that they need,” says John Rowden, senior director for bird-friendly communities at Audubon. “They can be undernourished, which makes them more susceptible to disease, so it could cause health or lethal consequences.” With that knowledge, here’s a list of nine nibbles to avoid feeding your feathered friends. Check out a list of safe foods birds can eat from the kitchen.

Don’t set a precedent by giving your bird a potato chip or any other human treat if it has never had one. Our cookbooks contain recipes for healthy snacks like “french fries” that are safe for parrots and can help wean your bird off of junk food without them even realizing it, if your bird is all about the snack foods.

When given human snack foods, some birds eventually grow bored with their nutritious diet and will only eat the better-tasting junk food. Giving your bird another chip increases the likelihood that this will be the outcome, in which case you will need to take the necessary steps to get him back on track with a healthy diet. If your parrot later tests positive for fatty liver disease, then today’s indulgence was undoubtedly not worth it.

A: Something being toxic does not mean that it is unhealthy for you. According to the definition of the word “toxic,” which is something poisonous, potato chips and other human snacks are not toxic. But they’re also not at all beneficial for your parrot.

By their very nature, snack foods are all about indulgence and have no nutritional value. Actually, a lot of our snack foods really shouldn’t be classified as food at all because they are created in labs using substances that humans can theoretically consume without suffering any immediate consequences. On the other hand, anyone who consumes their excessive amounts of processed sugars, fats, and salts on a regular basis is slowly dying. They taste so good that it is difficult to resist them, even though we should only “allow” ourselves to have them occasionally for very good reasons.

Parrots are not unlike humans in their eating habits. Regarding a captive parrot’s eating habits, there is no evidence of the “wisdom of the wild” that every parrot ought to possess. The majority of birds would select the potato chip if given the option between it and a green bean. But if you gave a parrot who had never had a potato chip the option, he would naturally lean toward the nutritious option.

Is Bread Bad for Birds?

are chips bad for birds

are chips bad for birds