are birds eye steamfresh vegetables healthy

Do fresh vegetables contain more nutrients than frozen vegetables?

The natural preservation method of freezing eliminates the need for additional preservatives. Freezing “locks in” vitamins and minerals, but leaves fats, proteins, and carbs unchanged. Conversely, fresh produce that has not been frozen will gradually lose its vitamins as it is stored. While the mineral content of frozen fruit and vegetables is mostly unchanged from fresh foods, the vitamin content is typically comparable to that of fresh fruit and vegetables (and in some cases, better retained). Importantly, frozen fruits and vegetables are included in your recommended “5-a-day” intake!

See the findings of our 2018 frozen food myths survey, which also features expert commentary from dietitian Laura Tilt, who clears up any more confusion you might have about frozen veggies!

Why is frozen veg so convenient?

Although frozen goods are often thought of as a “fallback,” they are actually a true substitute for “fresh.” In terms of nutrition, frozen vegetables are just as good as fresh, and they come with a ton of other benefits! It’s advised to include a lot of fruit and vegetables in your family’s daily diet if you want to give them a healthy, balanced diet. Fruits and vegetables are available to everyone, everywhere, and every day when they are frozen.

Delicious Frozen Vegetables: We adore all of the frozen Birds Eye veggies. We love the riced cauliflower the best because there are so many problems. Make rice with it, or mash it to make a potato substitute. Even though the vegetables have been frozen for a few weeks, they still taste fresh. We will continue to eat this brand.

Love love love Birdseye vegetables I love Birdseye mixed vegetables. They are simple to prepare and serve as the ideal nutritious side dish for any dinner. Simply place the frozen veggies in the microwave for approximately six minutes to create deliciously steamed vegetables—no additional ingredients needed. I have an assortment of these things in my freezer.

Birds Eye Steamfresh Fresh Vegetables: I love to cook, but I detest doing the dishes. With Birds Eye Steamfresh Fresh Vegetables, I can quickly put dinner on the table without worrying about cleaning up any dishes, and the hearty veggies cook up quickly and deliciously! I always recommend Birds Eye!

Tasty and Practical I adore how practical it is to simply pop in the microwave for a quick side dish. These frozen veggies come in very handy because I spend most of my cooking time on the main course. My loved ones adore the broccoli-cauliflower dish, which I serve with tossed in some Smart Balance butter. Never disappointed.

Birds Eye Steamfresh Fresh Vegetables are incredibly simple to prepare in the microwave; they can be served immediately for dinner or as a quick snack after taking less than five minutes to cook. I have been a long-time user of this brand, and I have always been happy with the items they provide for busy families.


Are Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables good for you?

Birds Eye’s frozen vegetables fit perfectly into a healthy balanced diet and are available all year round. Read more to understand how freezing offers you convenient access to great quality, tasty and nutritious foods.

Are frozen microwave vegetables good for you?

The bottom line. Though there may be slight variations between different vegetables and specific nutrients, frozen vegetables typically retain most of their nutritional value.

Where does Birds Eye get their vegetables from?

1Sourced from Local Farmers Birds Eye® veggies are not processed. They are grown with care by real farmers. Our farmers carefully select only the best, highest-quality vegetables.