are birds a good pet

Birds have become popular with pet owners, with 8% of U.S. households now including a pet bird. While still not as popular as dogs or cats, many animal enthusiasts are beginning to see why adding a bird to their homes can bring a lot of benefits. Birds can be great companions, often live long lives and are ideal for those with limited space or budgets. Read on to see why birds may be the best choice for your next pet.

You Have Little Time to Spend with a Bird

Most birds, and most definitely all parrots, are very social creatures that require several hours a day outside of their cages to interact with their owners, with the rare exception of very small birds like finches and canaries. Parrots will not be socialized appropriately, may grow bored, and may begin to scream or pick at themselves if they do not receive a great deal of handling and interaction from their human flock members. For that reason, if you don’t have the time to play with a bird on a daily basis, a less demanding pet would be a snake, turtle, or hamster. : Michelle D. Milliman / Shutterstock.

They Are Extremely Intelligent

Because they must frequently fly great distances and work together as a flock to survive in the wild, birds make intelligent and competent pets. In addition to being highly gregarious and inquisitive, they are frequently far easier to train than other animals due to their intelligence. Birds are an excellent option if you want a pet that is curious and enjoys being in the center of things.

Teaching a bird to talk is frequently one of the primary reasons owners choose to adopt them. Birds are known for their vocal abilities and propensity to mimic speech and even noises they hear in their environment. It was even discovered that Puck, a parakeet, had a vocabulary of 1,728 words!

You Don’t Like Mess

Parrots are messy. They gnaw on their food, dropping half of it onto the bottom of the cage. Unavoidably, a large portion of it gets stuck on perches or the floor surrounding the cage. Some birds make even more mess out of their wasted food by dipping it in the water cup before eating it. Toys are also shredded and strewn all over the place by numerous large parrots. If having a pet parrot bothers you, choose a meticulously clean pet rat or cat instead. : Suwat Sirivutcharungchit / Shutterstock.

Parrots require fresh water every day (they usually contaminate it with food or feces, so a daily water change is necessary), so they can’t be left alone for longer than a day or two, unlike reptiles or some other kinds of pets. Additionally, many will exhibit behavioral issues, like biting, if they are kept in their cages for extended periods of time without being attended to. It would therefore be best to select a different, less socially demanding pet if you travel frequently unless you have a caregiver who will visit every day to play with the bird. : Zurijeta / Shutterstock.


Which is the best bird to keep as a pet?

Parakeets (AKA Budgies or Budgerigars) Parakeets are perhaps the most popular type of pet bird the world over. They are exceptionally affectionate and friendly companion birds when properly trained and cared for.

Are birds messy pets?

Pro: There are friendly birds who do not require constant attention. Con: They can be quite messy and need a large cage to fly around in.

Are pet birds hard to take care of?

Raising a bird is a big commitment Birds aren’t the sort of pets that can just be stuck in a cage and forgotten about, and caring for your feathered friend requires a whole lot of hard work. Birds need lots of daily socialization for their mental wellbeing — some birds need multiple hours of human interaction a day.