are bird peanuts safe for dogs

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Peanuts are a delicious pre-dinner snack for humans, but what about for our dogs? After all, most dogs love peanut butter, so surely they’d love to tuck into a handful of peanuts too?

If you’re wondering whether dogs can eat peanuts, the answer is yes — but with a few important qualifications. Dogs can eat peanuts that are shelled, unsalted, and unflavored, and your pooch should only ever eat these tasty legumes in moderation.

Peanuts as Snacks for Dogs

Don’t forget to remove the shell and only give your dog raw, plain, or dry-roasted peanuts. Feed them in the portion sizes listed above, in moderation.

Risks of peanuts for dogs

Dogs can benefit from peanuts in certain ways, but before giving your dog any, you should be aware of the following risks:

  • Theyre high in fat. An upset stomach and other digestive issues can result from feeding your dog an excessive amount of fat. High-fat diets have the potential to cause potentially fatal pancreatitis if consumed frequently. Dogs should therefore only ever eat peanuts in moderation and only on occasion.
  • Salted peanuts have too much sodium. Dogs who consume too much salt may develop a number of serious health issues, some of which are potentially fatal. In light of this, you should never give your dog salted peanuts.
  • Flavored peanuts could contain dangerous ingredients. Avoiding flavored peanuts is also advised because they might contain dangerous substances or ingredients that are not suitable for dogs to eat.
  • Peanut shells can cause digestive problems. Dogs have trouble digesting peanut shells, which may result in digestive issues for your dog. Only give your pooch peanuts with their shells removed.
  • Allergies. Lastly, similar to people, some dogs may have a peanut allergy. Keep an eye out for your dog’s symptoms, which can include itching, redness, bald spots, and in extreme situations, anaphylaxis.

How many peanuts can my dog eat?

The key word you need to remember here is “moderation”. Peanuts are a treat, not a meal, and should never make up a large portion of your dog’s diet.

Generally speaking, giving your pet 4 to 5 peanuts a few times a week is a safe quantity. Just keep in mind to take the shells off before giving your dog peanuts, and introduce them gradually in case they react negatively.


Can dogs eat bird peanuts?

They are not toxic to dogs. However, there are a few concerns to watch out for when feeding them to your dog to keep them safe and healthy. Peanuts that aren’t shelled can become a choking hazard for dogs, or even cause an intestinal blockage. Peanuts also have a high fat content, which can cause pancreatitis.

What peanuts are toxic to dogs?

Dogs can eat roasted peanuts. Avoid honey-roasted and other flavored varieties of peanuts. The best types of peanuts are the unsalted, dry-roasted, or raw ones, but they might not be as delicious as the salted ones. If your dog comes in contact with one or two salted peanuts, they’ll be fine.

What seeds are toxic to dogs?

Not all seeds are safe for dogs. Stick to seeds that are known to be safe, such as pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and flaxseeds. Avoid seeds like apple seeds, which contain cyanide, and avoid any seeds that are heavily seasoned or salted.