are bird and magic friends

Magic Johnson and Larry Bird saved the NBA in the 1980s by having one of the greatest rivalries in all of sport. Johnson and Bird were great friends, but hated each other early in their careers playing for the LA Lakers and Boston Celtics, respectively.

In an interview on “The Dan Patrick Show,” Johnson revealed that it took some time before he became friends with Bird. Their rivalry really started at the 1979 NCAA championship between Johnsons Michigan State and Birds Indiana State. They only became friends after shooting a commercial for Converse in 1985.

The friendship that developed between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird continued for the rest of their careers. According to a report by NPR, Bird was one of the first players Johnson called when he was diagnosed with HIV.

When the LA Lakers retired Johnsons jersey in 1992, one of the special guests was Bird. When the Boston Celtics retired Birds jersey a year later, Johnson returned the favor and even wore a Celtics shirt underneath his Lakers warmups.

Bird was among the distinguished guests in 1992 when the Los Angeles Lakers retired Johnson’s jersey. A year later, Johnson returned the favor by wearing a Boston Celtics shirt underneath his Lakers warm-ups, after the team had retired the Birds jersey.

Over the course of their careers, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird maintained their friendship. NPR reported that Bird was among the first athletes Johnson contacted after learning he had HIV.

Johnson said in an interview with “The Dan Patrick Show” that he didn’t become friends with Bird right away. The 1979 NCAA title match between Johnson’s Michigan State and Birds Indiana State marked the beginning of their rivalry. They didn’t become friends until 1985, when they were filming a Converse ad.

Known for their intense rivalry, one of the greatest in sports history, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird kept the NBA alive in the 1980s. Although Johnson and Bird were close friends, they had a hated rivalry during their formative years as players for the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, respectively.

Johnson remarked, “That’s when we grew close and realized we had more in common than differences.”

During his career, the Birds Boston Celtics won the NBA championship three times (1981 and 86 vs. the Houston Rockets, 84 vs. the Los Angeles Lakers), and in 1984 and 1986, Bird was named Finals MVP. In their two additional Finals series with Bird, the Celtics were defeated by the Johnson Lakers in 85 and 87.

For years, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were compared to and competed against one another.

According to Johnson, their commonalities included being Midwesterners (Johnson is a native of Michigan), larger players with skillful ball handling, and a concern for the success of their teammates.

The game is recognized for originating the national March Madness spirit that descends upon the nation every year during the NCAA tournament.


What is the relationship between Magic and Bird?

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson spent years competing against each other and being compared to each other. It took a 1987 commercial shoot in French Lick, Indiana, to bridge that gap. “In the beginning, we hated each other,” Johnson said Wednesday on the “Dan Patrick Show.” “I had to hate him because they beat us.”

Are Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan friends?

Magic Johnson has opened up on his close bond with Michael Jordan to Jimmy Kimmel after the NBA icons went on vacation together to Europe in the summer. Johnson, 64, was recently announced by Forbes as the fourth billionaire sportsman in the United States after Jordan himself, Tiger Woods and LeBron James.

Are Larry Bird and Michael Jordan friends?

Larry Bird and Michael Jordan have a longstanding professional and personal relationship, and they have expressed mutual admiration and respect for each other over the years.