Climate Change adaptation support for other SSC Specialist Groups

The Specialist Groups, Task Forces and Red List Authorities of the Species Survival Commission comprise a global network of experts from nearly every country in the world. Working in close association with IUCN’s Global Species Programme the major role of these groups is to provide information to IUCN on biodiversity issues of their respective areas of expertise, with a view to achieving successful conservation.

To achieve this, groups and their members must be fully aware of all threats relating to their specific area of interest, as well as factors that may hinder the conservation actions that they work towards implementing. The complexities associated with climate change impacts on biodiversity means that determining such factors can often be challenging.

Among the roles of the Climate Change Specialist Group will be to ensure that other groups have the necessary tools and knowledge to consider climate change and its impacts when assessing current and future threats to species. We will also work to ensure that the strategies and actions that these groups work towards are climate-smart, and thus remain robust in an uncertain future.

The Climate Change Specialist Group has recently completed a user-needs survey of the wider SSC in order to determine the most pressing needs and to identify the most effective ways that we can lend our support. The findings of this survey will be made available on this website over the coming months.